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Your Legacy Gift – A Lasting Impact!

Planned giving in its simplest form is a means for your philanthropy to have a lasting impact on the lives of our future Celts, and to help insure the enduring nature of your contribution.
There are many ways to give, but an increasing number of donors are looking for ways to lay the foundation for a gift whose benefits will only be realized some years into the future. But these donors know that their gift, whatever its size, will make a difference. That’s the essence of planned giving.
Crespi Carmelite High School invites you consider such a gift. While the size and nature of your donation will depend on your individual means, please know that you will have an impact on future Celts in the years to come.
The information on this page is intended to assist you to make a lasting impact. We invite you to consider a planned gift. You may want to discuss this matter with your attorney or financial advisor. We stand ready to assist you in making this meaningful gift. Please contact us for further information.

For further information regarding planned giving:

Gregoria Leoni
Director of Advancement
(818) 654-1321