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Resources For Discerning Your Vocation

To become a priest or a religious is not primarily our choice. It is our answer to a calling, a calling of love.
-Pope Francis
The Catholic Tradition has always acknowledged that we are given a call or vocation in life. By faithfully fulfilling this call, we will, through the grace of God, find true joy and happiness in this world. Some people are called to the married life, while others are called to the chaste single life. Others are called to the consecrated religious or ordained life to serve God and the Church as priests, brothers, or sisters. While no one call is greater than the other – they are all opportunities to express love and reflect the love of God in this world in different and unique ways, we hope that this page might be both a source of inspiration and information in the discernment of a religious vocation.

What does vocation discernment mean? In simple words, it means to determine the source of one's feelings, inspirations and the spiritual manifestations that are taking place around the person for the purpose of determining if these result from a Divine calling to the religious life.

To discern if one has a religious calling is a lengthy process. A priest is not ordained until many years of preparation. Any time prior to the date of ordination, as a candidate to the priesthood who is still searching the Divine Will of God, the seminarian or his spiritual director can come to the conclusion that the individual does not have a calling from God to the religious or ordained life.
Are you thinking about priesthood or religious life? For some free resources to help you discern, please visit and talk to our Campus Ministry Department
The Melchizedek Project is a group where students meet to pray about their lives, listen for God’s voice, and get serious about answering His call. Their handbook is To Save a Thousand Souls by Fr. Brett Brannen, the ultimate guide for discerning a vocation to the Catholic priesthood. This book is provided free of charge to all participants.

The overriding theme of the discussions is discipleship: Am I willing to follow Christ no matter what the cost, no matter what the call? Will I choose to trust His will for me, and courageously go where He leads? 

While this group will strongly be considering the vocation of priesthood in its discussions, and students who feel the draw to explore this should definitely get involved, it is also a chance for students to seriously look at the other vocations in life to see where God is leading them, because of this, it is not limited to Catholic students, or students who are currently thinking the priesthood is the path for them.

A Variety of Religious Orders