There are many opportunities for our Crespi Celts to engage in co-curricular activities. Clubs and activites offered through Student Life allow our boys to gather together on common interests that satisfy their intellectual curiosity and need for exploration. With two students and one faculty moderator, a club can start off small and grow to new heights. Some activities have expanded to more formal programs.

For any questions regarding a particular club or activity, please contact moderators listed below.

Student Activities Office

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  • Photo of Dona Long

    Dona Long 

    Director of Student Activities
    (818) 654-1315

Student Council

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  • ASB Officers

    President - Christopher Salerno
    Vice President - Miles Robinson
    Secretary - Allen Lew
    Treasurer - Mitchell Nuesca
    Chief of Commissioners - Chandler Moutes-Lee
  • Senior Class Officers

    President - Anthony Brooks
    Vice- President - Shaya Amir Moazzami
    Treasurer - Adrian Gonzalez
  • Junior Class Officers

    President - Gian-Carlo Ortega
    Vice President - Adam Herrera
    Treasurer - Diego Suaya
  • Sophomore Class Officers

    President - Wilson Buchanan
    Vice President - Desi Gonzalez
    Treasurer - Holden Gering
  • Freshman Class Officers

    President - Christian Oregel
    Vice President - Ryan Campuzano
    Treasurer - Jack Elginer
  • Commissioners

    Dara Banaie
    Ryan Bass
    Luka Bladow
    Mel Castano
    Claudio Cioffi
    Jonah Clemente
    Griffin Goldberg
    Isaac Guzman
    Amphian Hoff
    Austin Janda
    Sebastian Malek
    Edward Mazin
    Michael McAndrews
    Luken McGuire
    Daniel Myers
    Jacob O’Dell
    Ricardo Ortiz
    Paris Pappas
    Cameron Seim
    Sebastian Sharma
    Dafang Shen
    Jonathan Torres
    Daniel Tovar
    Jack Westin
    Jackson Whitt

Activities with Louisville

High school life would not be complete without co-ed activities including football games, dances, cheerleading and stage productions. Below are some of the many organized activities that Crespi Men participate in with Louisville Ladies. 
  • Mission League Cross Country, Track and Swim meets 
  • Crespi Cheerleading (Freshman, JV and Varsity) 
  • Welcome Dances in the Fall
  • Frosh Box Social 
  • MORP
  • Crespi Drama Production 
  • Homecoming Football Game 
  • Homecoming Dance 
  • Winter Formal 
  • Louisville Spring Musical 
  • Proms (Louisville and Crespi) 
  • UCLA Football game outings 
  • Grad Night
  • Exchange Day
  • Youth Day

Crespi Clubs

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  • 3-D Design Club

    Moderator: Mr. Rumer
    You have most certainly heard the hype about 3D Printing. Are you curious about what it is and whether you could ever do it? Great! Join the 3D Design Club where we will teach you how 3D Printing works and you will be able to design and print your own models. We meet after school on Tuesdays (usually) from 2:50-4:00. No experiences is necessary. Come join us to see what your fellow Celts are doing and try designing something of your own.
  • Animal Evolution Club

    Moderator: Br. Roberto Reyes

    Discussion of particular animal traits (like echolocation, venom, gliding, color change, bioluminescence, and many more) that have developed in certain animals so they could adapt and thrive in their habitats. We’ll talk about “strange” animals and their evolution process.

    It will not be an academic discussion but an informal and fun discussion about these animals. We’ll get to watch some videos about them too.
  • AP Biology Club

    Moderator: Mr. Bautista

    Learn to navigate the challenges of AP Biology.
  • App Design Club

    Moderator: Ms. Shorter

    Learn how to design apps for iOS and Android (Friday's only).
  • Astronomy & Space Club

    Moderator: Mr. Olson

    The Crespi Astronomy and Space club is intended to raise awareness of all things space and astronomy related. Students will explore the solar system, stars, and galaxies, and follow the US Space Program.
  • Black Culture Society

    Moderator: Mr. Sullivan

    BCS is a great platform to educate and get educated on issues surrounding being a young minority in the United States. This club is for EVERYONE. If you are interested in sharing your thoughts and experiences with other students and having a platform to speak openly about the state of our country. We look forward to moderating discussions and having events to educate our youth on the social injustices that some face in todays world.
  • Compassionate Celts Club

    Moderators: Mr. Knabenshue, Mrs. Rezzo, Mr. Hoyer, and Mrs. Long

    A support group for students struggling with different issues during the pandemic. Join the meetings anytime to “talk it out” or listen as we work together to help fellow Celts work through their concerns.

    Celts who
    Empathize &
  • Crespi Conjurers

    Moderator: Mr. Knabenshue

    The Crespi Conjurers Club is for those Celts who are interested in learning sleight of hand and illusion! Led by our Campus Minister (and Magic Castle Magician Member), Mr. Chris Knabenshue, we will be learning all different types of magic: close-up, stage, parlor. Some illusions we will be making, others will be done with ordinary items. Our hope is to also have guest speakers and possibly a trip to the World Famous Magic Castle and/or the Illusion Magic Lounge!  No prior experience is needed to join!
  • CyberPatriots

    Moderator: Ms. Shorter
    CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Education Program created by the Air Force Association to inspire K-12 students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation's future. ​ At the center of CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition, which puts teams of high school and middle school students in the position of newly hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company. Through a series of online competition rounds, teams are given a set of virtual operating systems and are tasked with finding and fixing cybersecurity vulnerabilities while maintaining critical services.  The top teams in the nation earn all-expenses-paid trips to Maryland for the National Finals Competition where they can earn national recognition and scholarship money.
  • Fantasy Football Club

    Moderator: Mr. Parlato

    We are set to meet every Wednesday at lunch.
    Discussing, debating and analyzing Fantasy Football teams, leagues, players. Open to all students.

    Zoom Link:
  • FIFA Club

    Moderator: Mr. Hoyer

    Play FIFA.
  • Finance & Trading Club

    Moderator: Mr. Diaz

    This club will focus on educating you on how investment markets work. You will learn language, platforms and tools to use in making decisions for short term and long term investments. Members join in mock investments which are tracked throughout the year. Guest speakers are invited for Q and A sessions where you can learn from experienced investors. As always, we are open to new members.
  • Gardening & Woodworking Club

    Moderator: Mr. Bengford & Ms. Reis
    Email: &

    This Club will focus on two different important crafts: gardening on one hand and working with wood and refinishing wood on the other. Students will learn about how to plant drought tolerant trees and plants, as well as about the importance of mulching and grafting. Students will also learn how to plant their own food. The woodworking aspect of the club will teach students how to refinish and repurpose wood, whether it be in the form of furniture or another dimension. Students will learn about woodworking safety and about woodworking products (environmentally friendly varnishes, polyurethanes, lacquers, etc.).  No prior knowledge or equipment is necessary.  A premium will be placed on teaching safety both in the garden and when working with wood. Students will also share with each other their successes, whether they be in the garden, and/or with wood. This club will be led by Dr. Bengford and Ms. Reis. 
  • Letterman's Club

    Moderator: Mr. Bilek

    Leadership in athletics.
  • Math Club

    Moderator: Mr. Lopez

    Improve math ability.
  • Music Production Club

    Moderator: Mr. O'Brien

    Music Production Club is meeting Fridays this semester at 11am when there is an online learning day.  Our club will focus on digital music production and recording.  Come join us to exchange ideas and techniques using various music production software tools.  Club meetings will be held in Mr. O’Brien’s Zoom room. 
  • Photography Club

    Moderator: Ms. Bonino

    Get involved in the practice of photography!
  • Public Speaking Club

    Moderator: Mr. Kodama
  • Sports Medicine Club

    Moderator: Ms. Reis

    Crespi Sports Medicine Club is a part of the National Honors Society of Sports Medicine. The club is dedicated to create enthusiasm for scholarships in the area of sports medicine and other fields directly related to sports medicine, to stimulate a desire to render service in the community, to promote leadership amongst our Celt brothers, and to create an environment where Celts advocate and promote excellent health care. Overall striving to create a safe school environment. 
  • Theatre Is Life

    Moderator: Mrs. Lehnert & Mrs. Rezzo
    Email: &

    Make connections from the page, to the stage, to your life! Sing along to musicals about History, Science, Spelling, Religion, Boots, Baseball, Cannibalism – you name it! Work on cold reading skills with weekly dramatic readings or read-thrus of Shakespearean Drama! Bring your skills and passion for all that’s Broadway, with Mrs. Rezzo and Mrs. Lehnert – and the occasional Fabulous Theatre Guest – every Friday In the Zoom Where it Happens!

Extracurricular Activities & Honor Programs

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  • Academic Decathlon

    Moderator: Mr. Swaney

    Academic Decathlon is the pinnacle of academic competitions. Teams of nine students compete in regional competitions each winter with the hope of advancing to state and then national championships.

    Each year, United States Academic Decathlon publishes a theme and study materials on which all of the events are based. Every team member competes in all ten events- Essay, Interview, Speech, and 7 Multiple Choice Tests:

    1. Art
    2. Math
    3. Science
    4. Music
    5. Economics
    6. Social Science
    7. Language and Literature
    The highlight of competition day is the Super Quiz during which teams occupy seats on the floor of a gymnasium or stadium and fans cheer on the live score that tracks their correct responses. 
    Crespi Academic Decathlon competes in the Southern California Private Schools Academic Decathlon, participating in a 1-day scrimmage in November and the 2-day regional competition on the last Saturday in January and the first Saturday in February. 
  • Acolyte Service

    Moderator: Mr. Knabenshue

    The Acolytes are the Altar Servers for our Masses.  No experience is necessary and all are welcome to join the team. They are usually scheduled for 2-3 Masses throughout the year.
  • Admissions Ambassadors


    Mr. Kodama

    Mrs. Greenberg

    Ambassadors serve as support through student service. Ambassadors represent our student body at school functions and recruiting. Events will include; Information Nights, family tour guides, off-campus recruiting at feeder programs, 8th-grade Step Up Day, and Open House. Please see Mr. Kodama or Mrs. Greenberg if you are interested in joining. 
  • California Scholastic Federation (CSF)

    Moderator: Ms. Leizer

    The California Scholarship Federation is a statewide organization formed in 1921 by Mr. Charles Seymour as a means of honoring outstanding high school students.  Students sign up after every semester to report their academic record for eligibility requirements. Members must accumulate 10 points from the approved CSF List without any D or F grades during the semester.  For more information, contact Mrs. Jaclyn Stern.
  • Environmental Studies in Outdoor Leadership (ESOL)

    Moderator: Mr. Bilek

    Environmental Studies & Outdoor Leadership is an honors course available to all students. Those who complete two trips, two seminars and at least one Expedition will receive honors recognition at graduation and on their transcripts. ESOL activities include:
    • Day trips - hiking, surfing, climbing, scuba diving and other outdoor activities
    • Seminars - Two held per semester as discussion group reflections on articles or readings based on environmental issues and topics
    • Expeditions - One overseas trip per year that typically takes place over spring break and is paid for by students' families or guardians
  • HOWL Magazine

    Moderator: Mrs. Lehnert & Mrs. Yang
    Email: &

    HOWL Magazine is an annual student publication of student art and creative writing. HOWL is open to all students and focuses on students learning Adobe InDesign digital publishing layout software. Students on the editorial team will work directly with Mrs. Lehnert and Mrs. Yang to choose submissions for publication and participate in all processes of publication design. Any Crespi student can submit work to be reviewed for acceptance and publication. 
  • Junior Statesmen of America (JSA)

    Moderator: Mrs. Nichols

    The mission of the Junior State of America and the Junior Statesmen Foundation is to strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society. Students come to weekly meetings to discuss current events, debate controversial issues, educate and involve themselves and their peers in politics and government.

    Activities, Conventions & Conferences:
    Every year, thousands of high school students come together to debate and discuss pressing political and social issues at Junior State conventions and conferences. In cities throughout the nation, JSA holds over 40 day-long conferences and overnight, weekend conventions. These major events give students the opportunity to learn about the issues and exchange viewpoints in an open environment where opinions may be scrutinized and challenged, but are welcome and appreciated.
  • Key Club

    Moderator: Ms. Bonino

    Key Club International, founded in 1925, is the oldest and largest service programs for high school students. Often referred to as simply Key Club, it is a student-led organization whose goal is to encourage leadership through servicing others. Key Club International is a part of the Kiwanis International family of service-leadership programs. Many local Key Clubs are sponsored by a local Kiwanis club. 
  • Mock Trial

    Moderator: Mrs. Nichols

    Mock Trial allows students to acquire a knowledge of our judicial system, develop analytical and communication skills, working in teams, and gain an understanding of their individual obligations and responsibilities to our society. 

    Each year, we are given a new set of Mock Trial materials based on an important issue facing America's youth. This includes a hypothetical criminal case, summaries of case law, witness statements, official exhibits, and simplified rules of evidence, and competition rules and guidelines.

    The students work side by side with judges, attorneys, and teachers studying the case packet, preparing strategies and arguments for trial.  The students compete against various schools in the county toward competing at the state level.
  • National Honors Society (NHS)

    Moderator: Mr. Hoyer

    Moderator: Ms. Orantes

    Established in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1921, the National Honor Society aims to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools. Students will help serve at Crespi events for service hours (events) and we are looking into internships outside of Crespi for this year. For more information, contact Ms. Yesenia Orantes.
  • National Science Honor Society (NSHS)

    Moderator: Ms. Riggs

    National Science Honor Society was established in the year 2000 to recognize the academic achievements of Juniors and Seniors who have excelled in the sciences.  Members must maintain a 3.0-grade point average, maintain a B+ average across all science courses, and complete 10 hours of service per year.

    Crespi Sports Medicine Club is a part of the National Honors Society of Sports Medicine. Moderated by our head athletic trainer, Ms. Kiani Reis, the club is dedicated to create enthusiasm for scholarships in the area of sports medicine and other fields directly related to sports medicine, to stimulate a desire to render service in the community, to promote leadership amongst our Celt brothers, and to create an environment where Celts advocate and promote excellent health care. Overall striving to create a safe school environment. 
  • Robotics

    Moderator: Ms. Riggs

    A competitive club/program/team that focuses on developing STEM skills. Students build autonomous and human controlled machines that perform a specific task that engages in the engineering design cycle using multiple prototypes and iterations. Actively participating in VEX competitions throughout the year, this program prepares students for future college endeavors in STEM. 
  • STEM Cohort Program

    Moderator: Dr. Brahim

    Qualification Requirements:
    All students at Crespi receive a STEM education once enrolled in our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses. Students who test highly on the HSPT and the Math and Science Placement Exams will be invited to join the STEM Cohort. Students who did not qualify may apply at the end of either semester of their Freshman year. These students must collect letters of recommendations from both their science and math teachers commenting on their grades, attitudes, interest level, and work ethic.
    Grade GPA Requirement:
    Students must maintain a 3.0 Average in their Math/Science Courses without receiving any grade lower than a B- in Math or Science. If a student’s cumulative GPA drops below 3.0, the student will be placed on probation for a semester. The student will be encouraged to drop all extra curricular activities, including STEM work until they have shown improvement on the first progress report of the probationary semester.

    Research Requirement:
    Members of the STEM Cohort will be required to work on a competitive STEM-based project. Students must submit their completed projects to relevant competition organizers by the due deadline with the permission and approval of a STEM teacher.
    The project requirements, group participants, and submission deadlines are very diverse with many options to choose from. A research project can be and is encouraged to be, part of a larger study performed by professional scientists, but the project presented by the students must be only their own portion of the complete study.

    Students will spend their first three years in the STEM Cohort on their research requirement. During their freshmen year, students will research project ideas and explore potential interest areas and develop a proposal for their research requirement.

    It is encouraged that a bulk of their project be performed during their sophomore year so this provides them an extra year to apply for science fairs during Junior year.

    STEM Cohort members during the Senior year will focus on mentorship for the younger students. Mentors will be paired with a younger student or student group and will guide them through the process of submitting to a science fair.
  • Student Council

    Moderator: Mrs. Long

    Please see Mrs. Long for more details.