Campus Ministry

Prayers and Liturgies

Prayers and Liturgies

Prayer is an essential part of the Christian life. As a community, we pray as a school everyday using prayers written by the students. Teachers also begin their classes with prayer, and we participate in the national “See You at the Pole” and “National Day of Prayer” campaigns as well as offer several retreat and prayer opportunities for our students. Our faculty also participates in a faculty retreat as well as several faith formation opportunities throughout the year.


Students and families are also encouraged to inform Campus Ministry of any special prayer requests that they would like for us to pray, and we have a bowl of intentions in the main office where students and families can write their intentions anonymously. During our school liturgies, this bowl is brought up to the altar and the intentions are kept in prayer by our entire community.


As a Crespi community, we come together for Mass about once a month. These school masses are held at Our Lady of Grace Church (across the street from us) and are open for all families and friends to attend. They start at about 10:00 AM. We also have several other liturgies during a variety of events throughout the year.