School Code of Ethics: "The Crespi Way"

At Crespi Carmelite High School, pursuing an ethical and moral life is a key component in the process of becoming a Crespi Man. As faculty, staff, parents, students, and board members, we all call ourselves Celts. As such, we each bear a responsibility for not only modeling persistence, grit, and high standards, but also for building Crespi’s reputation as an academic institution.

Holding ourselves to a high standard of ethical behavior while also looking out for each other is the Crespi Way. This means we nurture an environment of mutual respect. Celts are leaders who do not harass, harm, or take advantage of members of the community at large. Celts are role models, even when no one is watching. Celts also understand that circumventing the learning process leads to negative long-term consequences and are therefore persistent in their efforts to reach their goals. Celts understand that when their backs are up against the wall, and are presented with a challenging opportunity, that it is that moment that true growth happens. Essentially, striving for our best is the Crespi Way.

There is a special bond that binds all members of the Crespi Family. We are all called to strive for fairness and honesty in our dealings with others, to hold ourselves to high moral standards, to treat everyone with respect, and strive for excellence in everything we do as Celts. By doing this, we create a school we can all be proud of and serve as a model for others. 

The Crespi Man Is...