Campus Ministry
We are so proud of the alumni of Crespi Carmelite High School and Mount Carmel High School who have responded to the call to serve God and His Church through the ministerial priesthood and consecrated religious life. Take a look at their stories below!

Could the next one be you?

Don’t hesitate to learn more information or to talk to someone if you feel the nudge that God might be calling you to the priesthood or religious life.  Exploring this vocation is not signing a contract saying you will definitely do it, it is just saying you are open to seriously looking at this life, what it offers, and if you are a fit with it – all the while determining if God is calling you to this life.  Know that our Campus Ministry Department is always happy to talk with you and help you explore your vocation in life!  If you feel that God might be calling you to this life you are not alone!  Take a look at the other Crespi Men who have heard the call and responded with their full heart!

Crespi Carmelite Alumni Priests

Mt. Carmel Alumni Priests