Crespi Carmelite High School offers a holistic education, forming the mind, body, heart, and soul of young men. To this end, our Campus Ministry Department focuses on providing unique, varied, and powerful programs and events to both engage the world and experience God and the life of faith in ways that are relevant and real to the teenage life.

By drawing on the Carmelite tradition, our students develop spiritually to bear witness to the presence and love of God. They discover how to live a life of active service to others and boldly proclaim the dignity of all people as created in the image of a loving God.

Campus Ministry involves the entire Crespi Carmelite Community: faculty, staff, students and their families. The basic aim of the program is to provide a Christian Community environment in which all can grow and mature in their faith together. Please see the sections below to explore the many programs and experiences offered by Campus Ministry.

Campus Ministry

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  • 2016 Youth Day

    2016 Youth Day

    In July, Crespi hosted a meeting that brought together several parishes to decide the theme for this year's Youth Day. The theme, #hopebound, was first suggested by a Celt, and eventually was voted and agreed upon as the Youth Day Theme. 
  • Crespi Blood Drive

    Crespi held it's annual blood drive on Tuesday, February 9 inside the Alumni Memorial Gymnasium.  Just over 42 pints of blood were drawn from the veins of our students during the day.  Orange juice cocktails were in plentiful supply to aid in the regeneration of red blood cells, to make sure our Celts recovered quickly.
  • Students volunteering at the Fred Jordan Mission

    Making an IMPACT

    The IMPACT program at Crespi Carmelite High School continues to be an important service experience for the school community. In its seventh year of implementation, Crespi’s IMPACT program is an important means for young men to experience the Carmelite Charism in action.