A Successful CelTech Season

By: Jyoti Rawat
This season, the Crespi Robotics Team competed at several meets, making it to the quarter-finals at three of the competitions and being one of the teams invited to select their alliances for finals. The 2017-2018 Vex game included stacking cones onto mobile goals and placing the goals into ten, fifteen, and twenty point areas, both autonomously and controlled. The boys spent long hours before school, after school, and on weekends to design, build, and code the robots to create optimal prototypes and ensure a smooth performance.
Crepsi Robotics is a fast-growing team which focuses on STEM skills, student collaboration, and creative design. Senior student Evan Terrio, a member of robotics since his freshman year, said “Congratulations on another great season of robotics! The upcoming season will be awesome. I wish the best of luck and successes to everyone.” While the team anxiously awaits the next Vex game release in April, they are using their time to organize and re-stock for a productive pre-season and summer workshop. Head Coach Kristen Riggs is very optimistic about the 2018-2019 season, “I am amazed at what these boys can accomplish and I know it’s going to be our best season yet.” Congratulations to the Crespi Robotics team on a great year and best of luck next season!