Christmas at Crespi Brings our Community Together

By: Susana Capra
For over 17 years, Crespi has made the Christmas spirit visible on campus by hosting a toy drive and giving event on campus. This event is known as Christmas at Crespi and took place on Dec 2. It was a rewarding experience where our Crespi community provided a day of holiday cheer and play to our neighbors in need.
Of course, Santa stopped by to pass out presents to each family! We were very happy to host these families and children from local parishes. With over 1,000 toys collected, we hope ‘Santa’ was able to make a mark on their Christmas’ this year. We know that although toys are a joyous part of the Christmas season, they do not matter nearly as much as being kind to our neighbors and loving as Jesus did. This is why, as a community, sharing our campus and Christmas spirit at this event is so important. May this event always be a reminder of the strength of our Crespi Family and a reminder that in helping one another we grow in strength, mutual respect and love.
Thank you to our Student Activities Director Donna Long, Debbie Watson and the amazing student ASB and National Honor Society, for another amazing day of giving!