Student Life
Refining Their Talents

2016 Youth Day

By: Aaron Robinson
In July, Crespi hosted a meeting that brought together several parishes to decide the theme for this year's Youth Day. The theme, #hopebound, was first suggested by a Celt, and eventually was voted and agreed upon as the Youth Day Theme. 
After July, the Youth Day Coordinating Team was formed, in which Crespi took part.  They met once a month at the Archdiocesan Catholic Center, where the teens of that team (made up of Crespi and several parishes) oversaw the planning and execution of Youth Day. At the same time, the Youth Day Arena Team (YDAT) was also formed, which Crespi took part.  They met one to two times per month to plan all the events in the Arena.  This team reported to the YDCT. In December Crespi had our Team Training Day where students who weren’t involved in those two teams to gather to audition as an emcee or to help with other parts of the day.  Crespi had several guys show up to this. The day before Youth Day, our team of 8 celts went down to Anaheim in order to have our massive rehearsal.  This is the first time that all the youth involved in Youth Day were together in one place. During Youth Day itself, our teens were involved in everything from Main Emcee, Workshop Presenters, Emcee, Musician, Liturgy, and Prelude. This is the second year that Louisville joined us for Youth Day. Youth Day gathered over 15,000 teens for a day of faith, fellowship, and fun!