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Crespi Blood Drive

By: Aaron Robinson
Crespi held it's annual blood drive on Tuesday, February 9 inside the Alumni Memorial Gymnasium.  Just over 42 pints of blood were drawn from the veins of our students during the day.  Orange juice cocktails were in plentiful supply to aid in the regeneration of red blood cells, to make sure our Celts recovered quickly.
Some quick facts about our blood drive:
  • Crespi officially partnered with the Red Cross for this event.
  • About 35 Celts volunteered to give blood.
  • Each pint of whole blood saves 3 lives, however, many of our Celts opted to do the "Double Red Cell" option, which saves 6 lives.
  • Our 42 pints of blood will save approximately 150 lives!
Thank you to everyone who participated in this truly awesome event!