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Science Expo 2018

By: Rodney Olson
Brainpower was on display on May 2 as the Crespi STEM Department held a successful Science Expo. Students in the science courses demonstrated their scientific knowledge and mastery of the scientific method with an impressive collection of projects from their biology, physiology, chemistry, and physics classes. Students displayed their projects in the gym and fellow students, teachers, and parents came by to view the posters and ask our Crespi scientists questions about their experiments. The top 15 projects advanced to the final round of judging.
First place went to the team of Sam Wentzel, Shant Marcarian, and Brian Malkan. Their project was Alpha Males: Radiation Defense Force. They were awarded $600 as a team.
Second place was awarded to the team of Chandler Moutes-Lee, and James Lloyd. Their project was Worm Regeneration Comparison, and they took home $300 as a team.
Third place went to Jon Brahim, Vishal Ravi, and Christian Malek for their project on Solid State Electrolytes. They were awarded $150 as a team.
We would like to thank all the students, parents, teachers, administration, and judges. Our special judges were Elaine Reber - Sr. IT Consultant with zIngenuity, Inc., Jonathan Aichler – 2013 Crespi graduate and Computer Science major at Azusa Pacific, and Matt Uy – Crespi alum and Director of the Center for Innovation and Technology.