A Catholic All-Male College Prep High School
Modeled in the Carmelite Tradition
of Community, Service & Prayer

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Moral and Spiritual
Lifelong Learner
Productive and Mature

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  • Moral and Spiritual

    As a moral and spiritual person, the Crespi Man understands the Catholic Christian tradition as applied to personal formation and world events; is committed to living an ethical life as reflected through the holy Gospels; zealously pursues a relationship with God using prayer, reflection and study as modeled through the 800 year Carmelite tradition; recognizes and respects the personal gifts, diversity and dignity of all people.
  • Lifelong Learner

    As a lifelong learner, the Crespi Man uses logical, analytical, and creative thinking skills; uses appropriate, accurate, effective and creative language to express himself; uses current strategies and technologies to solve problems and extend his knowledge; applies his learning across the curriculum and real-life situations; engages intellectual curiosity.
  • Productive and Mature

    As a productive and mature person, the Crespi Man strives to enhance and maintain physical, mental and emotional well-being; appreciates the arts and explores his individual creativity; accepts challenges in order to grow and takes responsibility for his actions; develops social skills to form life-long relationships; understands and participates in the democratic process; improves the community through his commitment to service and social justice.

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